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Teamwork for pros

BamBam! allows people of different roles
and work styles to collaborate better.

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BamBam! understands that every team has members of different roles and
work styles
and let them adjust itself to their needs and preferences.

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  • Developer
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Real-Time Awareness

Stay informed in Real-Time. Act when it's necessary.


BamBam! gives you this comforting feeling of being in control.
At any time you can review what's happening and decide whether to act or leave it for later.


You can stick to a simple To-Do list known from the World’s #1 Wedding Planner or design carefully crafted transactional custom workflows.
Enjoy your company on auto-pilot.

Smart Streams

The News Feed that knows what's important for your team.

live stream

It matters!

BamBam! uses rocket science to highlight what's important for you. People read stream in BamBam! because it actually matters.



BamBam! has a rich set of carefully crafted features that all professionals find important.


Mention anyone anywhere. Get their attention. Get them involved.

Smart Updates

BamBam! allows you to quickly update tasks in just a few actions. Click smart.

Profiles & Groups

All members and groups have their own streams.


Decide who can do what and where.


Create custom notifications with various triggers and options.


Agile teams can estimate tasks and use BamBam! to manage their Kanban or Scrum projects.

Fun Experience

BamBam! thinks about those who like to click and those who click to press and lets them work the way they want.

Email to task

Everyone has an Inbox to which you can send emails that will be converted into Tasks.


Gather tasks and communication around Milestones to plan your bigger projects.

Search & Save

Sometimes you get things done. Sometimes you invent things to be done.
With BamBam! you can have customized searches optimised to your needs. Right here, right now.



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  • Organize
  • Switch

Meet the family

Add Chime for time tracking and see the real cost behind your work. Turn on Springloops and enjoy the fastest source & deploy on the market. Everything fully integrated.

Pricing - clear & simple

14 days of free trial with no limit on the number of users. Up to 10 users free of charge after the trial period.
Only $7 per user in bigger teams. No limit for storage and projects.

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