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Nenad Kostić
Nenad Kostić Lead Software Developer at Frontech Solutions Inc
“Thanks guys! You are awesome!”

What a like about BamBam: Firstly, we like the workflow feature very much. Projects don't necessary share the same workflows. Ability to design our own workflows is really important to us. News feeds are very useful and awesome. Filters and option to save filters and share them, which is so cool, we use that a lot. Springloops, Chime and Anchor modules are awesome, and we like how they are blended in Bambam news feeds and through the rest of the system. We like search which is really fast and precise. User Management and notifications are also very neat.

Orion Gunning
Orion Gunning Frontend Developer at Splashbox

Just wanted to say, you guys done an awesome job!

Andrew Makin
Andrew Makin Founder at Funky Software

Now we have realized how simple it is to use your product, life just keeps getting better. :)

Kerry Morrison
Kerry Morrison CEO of Endloop

Hey guys, loving BamBam so far and it was genius to integrate your other applications, can't wait to try out Springloops.

Davy Baert
Davy Baert Co-founder at Puls.be
Since we use Bambam we have become much more productive and communicating tasks has never been easier. We’re in love with the product.

My favorite feature is probably the integration with your Springloops Git repositories. Being able to post a development task, and have a link to that particular commit when the job is done, is very helpful to us. I also like the web hooks, as it gives us the ability for our developers to post detailed time reports in BamBam!, but upload compact reports to Harvest where we do our invoicing and overall time management. The workflow feature is also very nice and well thought out. We’ve grown so accustom to our workflow that I almost forgot we were able to fully create and customize it exactly to our needs. Keep up the great work. You can all be very proud of the product you’ve built.

Irimia Șuleapă
Irimia Șuleapă Managing Director, Co-Founder at DEV51

Whatever your position inside company is, BamBam is suitable for you. True story!

Matthew Soares
Matthew Soares Developer

Awesome! We at work love your product and where it's heading. Look forward to new features! Also if you need beta testers for features we would love to help!

Ben Drury
Ben Drury Head of Creative Geekery

I'm liking the fusing of Kanban and to do list for BamBam!. Very neat.

Peter Klaas Vrieswijk
Peter Klaas Vrieswijk Creative Designer at Kaazumi
Great! It's nice to work with a tool that updates this often.Also nice to know the feedback is being used!

Being able have discussions within tasks is really nice. In this way we can forward and discus certain elements of our projects. Secondly building your own searches within tasks is nice. I have BamBam installed as a Fluid app on my mac, and I added these searches as bookmarks on the top, that works like a charm. And another nice function that we like here: having multiple projects with different teams per project. Keeps our flow lean and mean. So all in all you guys work on a great tool.

Gareth Thompson
Gareth Thompson Managing Director at codepotato LTD

LOVING BamBam! Thanks for building a superb bit of kit!

Robin Layfield
Robin Layfield Lead Developer at UltraSimplified

Great work, the whole package is really beautifully put-together.

Jan Pichler
Jan Pichler Co-Founder at Talent Solutions

You’re amazing guys, keep up the great work! Maybe you’re the next WhatsApp… :)

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