Why your team will love BamBam!

You know the drill: having tried almost every single project management software available online and you still haven’t found the best tool for your projects. Some are fine, but only work well for simple tasks: some are powerful, but don’t allow for smooth team collaboration. Some look gorgeous, but are nothing more than a simple to-do list.

There are two main differences between BamBam! and other project management software: first, it brings you features you’d otherwise need several different tools for rallied on one platform. Second, thanks to its flexibility it is the only collaboration tool that allows teams of different roles and work styles actually cooperate better

When Springloops launched in 2006 we didn’t really think it of it as software for task management: it was supposed to facilitate web developers in code collaboration. However, with every extra feature added, it was only a matter of time until BamBam! broke free.

The most powerful and team-friendly project management software you’d ever get online.

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