BamBam! Features

Find out how BamBam! can help you manage your projects better and what makes it unique when compared to other collaboration software.

Custom workflows

Whether you run a corner shop or a software house, BamBam! is the perfect match for all kinds of business. Represent the path of actions in your company with a status path, join them with transactions, choose custom icons for easier identification and watch your tasks getting resolved in a seamless fashion. Enjoy your company on auto-pilot.

Advanced tasks

Attach files with no limit on disk space, estimate tasks in minutes or Agile points, specify due date and raise priority to keep things in schedule, assign tasks to milestones, add labels for easier filtering and identification, format content with a wysiwig editor, and use visibility settings to hide your very own secret tasks from other people in the account.

Agile support

BamBam!’s powerful features allow you to run projects all ways Agile. Software developers are welcomed to plan and estimate their sprints and analyze backlogs and burndown charts looking for areas to improve. Support and operations team may build Kanban boards to visualize work process and update tasks without leaving the board view. Whatever your method is, BamBam! has the means to support it.

Time tracking

Track time in tasks and commits in Springloops. See the real time behind the work of your team to better estimate Scrum sprints and assess productivity. Mark time entries as billable, summarize and export to spreadsheets to account for your clients.


Store company knowledge in one place and share it with your team. Edit and comment documents, create and highlight categories, browse and restore changes with revisions, and export data to files. Everything safely encrypted within your account.

Source & Deploy

Springloops SVN/Git version control lets you store your code safely without the risk of being overwritten by the co-workers and update your web sites in a snap with automatic deployments to servers. Full integration with BamBam! and Chime allows web developers to use commit commands to update tasks and log time in commits as well as track changes with the blame tool, edit code directly in the source, compare and restore revisions, restrict access to servers and many more. Add support for SVN submodules and Git externals and you’ll get the ultimate platform for web development projects.

Layout manager

BamBam! is the only PM software that lets you work on tasks in a way that best suits your style and role in the company. Project managers can create specialized boards and fill it with precise data to feed their management desire; designers may switch to cards for a simple view that will clearly indicate what, when, and for whom needs to be done; testers can switch to tables for a clear view on the whole process. Agile teams may arrange tasks in columns and create backlogs and Kanban boards that can be shared across the team. The number of possibilities is infinite – the times of restricted framework are over.

News feeds

Track progress in your projects on dynamic streams updated in real time. Update, comment and resolve issues on the fly without going into tasks structure. Switch to timeline view for the most important facts. Stay informed, react when necessary.


Create custom permission sets to block access to specific areas of the system and protect vulnerable data like source code – an especially useful feature when reporting on progress to your clients.


Just won a tender for building a space rocket and feel a bit overburdened with the scale? Divide the work into stages with milestones, assign tasks, watch the progress bar fill, and celebrate each step towards the final goal. With BamBam! no project is too big.


Set up multiple accounts with one login and password. Switch accounts directly in the system without the need of logging out. Create a workplace of your own.


Backed-up in real time and hosted on dedicated servers with HTTPS and SSH performance encryption, BamBam! has never recorded a single case of data loss since the suite launched in 2006. You can always restrict access to a single or a range of IP’s – just in case.

Who is BamBam! for

Web development and software houses, freelancers and startups, designers, production, real estate, engineering, operations, logistics, events, charity and NGO’s, marketing, architectural and media studios, companies working on ISO standards, and all companies who find conventional project management software boring and lacking power.

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